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If you have long wanted to immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the East, try exotic singing bowls massage, traditional Thai foot massage or Creole bamboo massage with ceremonial…

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No matter how expensive the "miracle creams" are, they will not provide a one-hundred-percent result in the fight against cellulite, but professional anti-cellulite massage (St. Petersburg) can make a real…

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You can talk about the types of SPA procedures for a very long time, but in most cases they all come down to one meaning – relaxation and improvement of…

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The skin consists of two parts: the epidermis and the dermis. The top layer, the epidermis, protects us from external factors and supports the exchange between the skin surface and the body. The dermis contains sensitive receptors and a network of vessels, as well as one of the most important components of the skin — collagen. Fat cells are located in the deep dermis.

The skin plays an important role in regulating body temperature through perspiration. The skin contains a huge number of nerve endings, and when we touch it, we can perceive the world around us: hot, cold, hard or soft objects, and so on.

Massage produces a variety of effects on the skin:

makes it more elastic;
increases skin sweating (cleansing through the skin);
helps remove dead skin;
stimulates blood flow;
massage increases the flow of oxygen to the muscle fibers, resulting in increased muscle performance;
allows you to absorb the substances contained in the supporting means of massage;
it stimulates the subcutaneous nerve endings and causes a feeling of pleasure, warmth;
stimulates the formation of collagen;
it also affects the overall metabolism, improves digestion;
it increases the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and hemoglobin in the blood.
The skin is the area of contact between the masseur and the massaged. In order for the massage to be effective, it must be clean and healthy.

Massage also has a beneficial effect on cellulite and contributes to its complete disappearance. Special drainage techniques are used for this purpose. In fact, cellulite is an uneven deposition of subcutaneous fat. Cellulite is not a sign of obesity, it can also be observed in thin women.

Massage can Refine the silhouette by affecting the adipose tissue. The combination of proper nutrition, regular physical activity and massage brings real results in the fight against obesity or contributes to rapid weight loss.

Massage promotes the movement of lymph through the blood vessels and accelerates it. This greatly helps reduce the likelihood of reporting and the phenomenon of “swollen legs”. Thus, massage improves the exchange of fluids in the body and prevents blood stagnation (slowing down circulation), activating the regeneration of both the lymphatic and venous systems.

The more obvious benefit of massage is its excellent ability to temporarily reduce and treat pain. This can be used to relieve muscle pain, pain associated with nerve damage, and even joint pain. Manipulation of the soft tissues helps increase circulation, which also helps in the treatment of fabrics.

Sports massage has an undeniable effect on muscle fatigue: on the one hand, it softens the muscles that have hardened after exertion, on the other — it allows you to remove toxins that have arisen as a result of muscle contractions. Another result of sports massage is an increase in tone. Fast and continuous massage with a warming cream effectively prepares the muscles for exercise and prevents sprain.

In General, massage is a great way to reduce stress, relax and give yourself some time. If you feel tired, you can apply a relaxing full-body massage, from your fingertips to your head.

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