Aromatherapy has been known since ancient times. Our distant ancestors, the ancient Slavs, have long resorted to the gifts of nature. They believed that plants had a healing power: as…

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This is very individual. Learn to listen to your body and believe your feelings. The time is highly dependent on the temperature. Experts advise to stay in the steam room…

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Express face care programs and procedures are designed for those people who want to improve the appearance of the skin (regardless of its type), eliminate any signs of premature aging…

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Oko Spa

If you have long wanted to immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the East, try exotic singing bowls massage, traditional Thai foot massage or Creole bamboo massage with ceremonial music-you are in Oko Spa. Here the best techniques and traditions of Eastern Spa rituals are accumulated, and the services are provided by masters from Indonesia, Thailand, India and China. Specialists can work on your chakras, charge you with divine energy during the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, which is more like a dance, rejuvenate your body with a massage with precious stones, and much more. Come and find out for yourself.

How much is it?
Traditional Oko massage (mixorienatal)

Duration: 60/90/120 minutes

Cost: 900/1300/1700 UAH

Royal Thai SPA
Royal Thai SPA offers to relieve fatigue, get rid of nervous tension, restore the balance of vital forces and improve the condition of the skin. Masters of traditional Thai massage will perform a four-hand aroma massage, massage with herbal bags or warm sesame oil, hot stones or aroma candles. You can also order a unique massage for two or a children’s massage.

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best massage salons

How much is it?
traditional Thai massage

Duration: 60/90/120 minutes

Cost: 650/900/1100 UAH (until 14: 00 on weekdays-585/810/990 UAH)

The massage Studio “Meliors»
You should go to this salon at least to try the miraculous effect of animal therapy. You’ve heard of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory snail massage, haven’t you? And what about the exciting and blood-chilling snake massage, which helps in the treatment of not only stress, but also migraines, spinal pain, muscle spasms and even psychosomatic disorders?

In addition to the exotic, here you will be offered various types of classic, therapeutic and care massage, including anti-cellulite.

how much does a massage cost in Kiev

How much is it?
Nirvana signature massage

Duration: 90/120 minutes

Cost: 800/1200 UAH

Pearl Spa
Not far from Goloseevsky Park, there is a Spa that combines ancient traditions and modern technologies. It offers high-quality facial and body massage: anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, classic, massage with warm coconut oil, nutritious and relaxing chocolate massage, massage with aroma oils and others. A special method is also provided for pregnant women.

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Pearl Spa

How much is it?
Classic full body massage

Duration: 35/45/60/90 min.

Cost: 395/495/595/850 UAH

Soul Spa
The best opit of Eastern and Western medicine is embodied in unique methods that are aimed at prolonging life. These anti-aging techniques are also used in SPA programs from Soul Spa. Here you will find foam, Sufi, Hawaiian, sacred Tibetan massage, and even Japanese Shiatsu massage – all the best for those who choose a healthy, happy and harmonious path.

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