There are many opinions, but definitely, clothing for the bath should be comfortable, high-quality and, most importantly, made of natural materials, which will create maximum air exchange, so that our…

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A few years ago, visiting Spas was the exclusive prerogative of women. But time moves forward and the stronger sex begins to understand that a real man can afford to…

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The most popular SPA treatments
"Health through water" is translated from the Latin sanus per aqua (SPA). It is with the help of water in modern SPAS that we are offered to improve our health,…

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Just relax: what Spa treatments are worth trying at the resort?

The summer season pleases with holidays and bright resorts near the warm sea. We tell you what Spa treatments are worth trying on vacation to relax the whole body and get a lot of pleasure.

Coffee Spa
Coffee scrubs perfectly clean the skin from all dirt and dead cells, as well as moisturize the skin and provide a tonic effect. And coffee wraps will remove toxins, make the skin more soft, elastic and elastic.

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Coffee Spa treatments at the resort

Be sure to try coffee Spa treatments at the resort, and even more so if you go to Ethiopia – the home of fragrant beans. Hotels and Spa complexes provide tourists with a choice of coffee masks that are very useful for the skin of the face, coffee peels, massages and wraps.

Chocolate Spa treatments
Spa treatments using chocolate are popular all over the world, so you will not have a problem finding them at the resort. Chocolate magically affects the skin: it protects it, has a rejuvenating effect, tightens the skin, helps it become more soft and elastic.

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Chocolate Spa treatments at the resort

Thanks to sodium, iron, potassium and other trace elements, chocolate will also provide your skin with a beautiful and healthy appearance. Belgian hotels and spas are particularly famous for their chocolate Spa treatments.

Thai massage
Thai massage differs from other types of massage by its more precise effect on different parts of the body. Thanks to this type of massage, blood circulation improves, the nervous system is stimulated, the whole body relaxes and the skin condition improves. Thai massage is both a surprisingly relaxing and Wellness procedure, so you are guaranteed to get pleasure and benefit for the body.

Thai massage

The best Thai massage is done, of course, in Thailand, and to be more precise – in the popular Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok. But at other resorts, specialists provide excellent services – you should definitely try!

Bath and sauna
In almost any hotel, you can find a bath and sauna, which you can visit quite inexpensively. Ukrainians often give preference to such Spa treatments, and is especially fond of our countrymen, the Turkish hammams. Also in the resorts you can find a Finnish sauna, dry sauna, Japanese Sento bath or Swedish Basta.

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Bath and sauna at the resort

With the help of steam bath, it is useful to clean the skin, stimulate the work of the glands. Bath procedures also improve blood circulation and even normalize digestive processes.

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Oko Spa
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