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The best Spa complexes of the Carpathians, where you will forget about everything

Summer is not a good time for hyperproductive office work. During the hot heat, we much prefer to relax, and if this is not yet possible – then at least dream of a Paradise vacation. And even better – not just to dream, but to plan!

Especially for this occasion, we have prepared for you a selection of the best Spa complexes in the Carpathians, where your dreams will become reality.

VODA club, Bukovel
If Bukovel is associated only with skis and Board, it’s time to break the stereotypes. In summer, you can relax here no worse than in winter. The Voda club complex, located at the mountain Lake of Youth, in the middle of the majestic Carpathians– is like an invitation to a fairy tale.

Voda Club – the best Spa complexes in the Carpathians

Swimming pools for every taste, a dozen outdoor Jacuzzis, an inflatable water Park right in the middle of the lake, a gym with Windows that overlook the magnificent mountain scenery, a Roman steam room, Mediterranean and Finnish saunas, a salt cave, bars and restaurants, floating terraces and bungalows – well, isn’t this what you dreamed about, sitting by the air conditioner in a noisy office?

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Voda Club Spa Carpathians

Another nice thing: at the beginning of summer, THE Voda club starts the party season. Don’t be surprised if you happen to be at a concert by Onuka, MONATIKa, Tina Karol or any other Ukrainian or foreign stars.

Romantik Spa Hotel, Yaremcha
If you do not want to part with comfort, but at the same time want to enjoy the healing power of thermal waters, breathe in the Carpathian air and just relax in style, then you are in the Romantik Spa Hotel.

Romantic Spa – the best Spa complexes in the Carpathians

It offers thermal pools with hydro massage, saunas and steam rooms, ice room and salt grotto, massage and cosmetologist services. Access to the SPA area is free for hotel guests.

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Best spas in the Carpathians

Activities for children are also provided, so the hotel is a great place to relax with the whole family.

Romantic Spa Carpathians

SPA hut, Truskavets
Get lost in the greenery, enjoy the gentle murmur of the fountain and the melody of the waterfall… Another picture from your unrealized dream? Then rather book a room in The hut SPA, where you will feel the maximum unity with nature, recharge your energy and just have a great time.

Hut Spa-Spa complexes in the Carpathians

The on-site Spa resembles a wild island. There is a swimming pool with hydro and air massage, a sauna, a Roman steam room with aromas of Carpathian herbs, a salt cave, rooms for aromatherapy and various massage techniques.

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Spa in the Carpathians

The clean mountain air, the atmosphere of peace and healing mineral springs of Truskavets will make you come back here again and again.

Zoryani Karpaty Spa&Hotel, HSE
While all airports in Ukraine are full of tourists who want to try out bezviz, you can arrange a serene vacation and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of complete peace among the magical Carpathian landscapes.

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