The most popular SPA treatments
"Health through water" is translated from the Latin sanus per aqua (SPA). It is with the help of water in modern SPAS that we are offered to improve our health,…

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The most popular SPA treatments

“Health through water” is translated from the Latin sanus per aqua (SPA). It is with the help of water in modern SPAS that we are offered to improve our health, relax, lose weight and become even more beautiful.

Mineral waters, sea salt and seaweed, therapeutic mud, special climatic conditions, massage, steam rooms… the List can be continued indefinitely. So let’s focus on the most popular SPA treatments.

This is a set of procedures based on the impact of sea gifts on the human body. In thalassotherapy, sea water, salt, mud, and algae are used, which contain a large number of useful microelements.

For example, seawater is used in such procedures as immersion baths, hydro massage, seaweed wraps, cosmetic masks and applications, and sea showers. At the same time, sea minerals are absorbed into the human skin through the pores. A mud bath is also a very rich procedure: first you are in the warm mud for 10 minutes, then you wash it off, take a mineral bath and bathe in steam. In conclusion, you may be wrapped in a blanket with seaweed and left to cool down.

These and other thalassotherapy procedures have anti-stress, antiviral, stimulating and antibacterial effects.

Hydrotherapy is a water treatment that is performed to correct the figure, reduce weight, relax the body and prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example:

A rain shower is a collection of various showers that pour on a person in tiny drops. The water in them is saturated with essential oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs.
Hydro massage is a massage that is performed under water in a special bath.
Pearl baths-this beautiful name actually means the following: in the bathroom, air bubbles (pearls) are created, which mix with water jets and massage the human body. For greater benefit, herbal infusions, essential oils, algae extracts and sea salt are added to the water.

Body peeling
Peeling is the removal of old, dead cells from the skin, as well as various contaminants. It is often recommended to do it before a massage. The pores are opened and cleaned during the procedure, after which cosmetics and aroma oils are absorbed into the skin much faster.

There are many types of this SPA treatment: peeling with mineral salts, peeling with seaweed, with moisturizing grape oil, etc.

The healing power of essential oils has been known for a long time. In modern SPAS, aromatic oils are used in conjunction with wraps, massage, hydrotherapy, as well as in individual aromatherapy sessions.

Body wrap
Body wrapping is performed using various useful substances: algae, honey, chocolate, clay, herbs, therapeutic mud, etc.This procedure can be done both in a beauty salon and at home.

This procedure can be done both in a beauty salon and at home.

Each tool used for wrapping has its own characteristics and helps to achieve excellent results after a course of procedures. It’s weight loss, cellulite reduction, body shaping, no swelling and getting rid of stretch marks on the skin, overall body and removing toxins from it.

Any massage has a positive effect on our body: it relaxes, relieves stress, rejuvenates, cleanses and improves health. In beauty salons, clinics and massage rooms, you can choose a massage session of absolutely different duration and direction.

Now popular stone therapy-massage with hot stones. The stone gives the whole body positive energy and absorbs negative. In addition to complete relaxation, this type of massage activates the metabolism and begins to work better all systems of the body.

Aroma massage is just an extraordinary procedure, when aromatic oils and unobtrusive music give a feeling of complete relaxation. And the purpose of anti-cellulite massage is to make the skin more elastic and silky. During this procedure, honey, coffee, scrubs, sea salt and other useful components are used.

Balneotherapy is carried out by means of medicinal substances of hot springs. This procedure is performed in salon conditions using peat, gas, radon, mineral and other baths. Wrapping and irrigation methods are also used.

After a course of balneotherapy, blood circulation improves and aging slows down, all the body’s vital systems become toned.

Complete steaming of the body occurs due to its warming up in the well-known Russian bath, Turkish Hamam, Finnish sauna, a result of a trip to the steam room, you can feel complete relaxation and removal of muscle tension, clear the body of toxins and even lose weight. And if you still apply a natural scrub to the skin during steaming and drop a little aroma oil into the water, the effect will be simply amazing!

As a result of going to the steam room, you can feel complete relaxation and removal of muscle tension, clear the body of toxins and even lose weight.

Of course, this is not all SPA treatments that can be used in modern salons. The undeniable advantage is that now it is not necessary to go to a health resort. But before you sign up for the chosen procedure, do not forget to consult a specialist for harm and benefit to your health.

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