If you ask a woman what kind of gift she would like to receive for a holiday, four out of five people would definitely answer that a subscription to a…

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The ancient Greeks spoke about the benefits of Spa therapy, but they will not advise you anything bad! According to one theory, the term " Spa "is translated from Latin…

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The anti-stress skin care offered by the Esthetic Club Spa is intended for people of any gender who need to improve and restore the skin after exposure to such adverse…

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The ancient Greeks spoke about the benefits of Spa therapy, but they will not advise you anything bad! According to one theory, the term ” Spa “is translated from Latin as “Sanitas Per Aquam”, or water treatment. It is important to note that Spa – is not just a type of Wellness and anti-aging treatments, but a whole philosophy.
Nowadays, Spa treatments are used by people who have lost their vitality and positive energy on the way to high goals and the highest rungs of career ladders. Such procedures help to improve your mood, gain vigor and charge for heavy working days. Experts note that regular visits to Spa procedures help a person to deal with their problems and even psychological trauma.

There are a lot of arguments in favor of Spa therapy, let’s focus on the main ones. Why are Spa treatments good for the body?

✓ Spa improves the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which in turn has a beneficial effect on tissue nutrition

✓ thanks to Spa treatments, your body is cleansed of toxins, poisons, foreign organisms, oxygen saturation and nutrients

✓ Spa therapy helps to rejuvenate the skin, helps to get rid of sagging, wrinkles, dull skin color, and also tones the muscles

✓ the positive effect of Spa on the immune system is also important, which is especially important in the cold season

✓ Spa treatments improve the emotional, psychological and energy state, which is extremely important for people who are subject to stress, as well as during the period of seasonal depression.

Unlike conventional medical procedures, Spa therapy has a pleasant advantage – it brings pleasure! There are many varieties of “delicious” Spa services:

Body massage “Sweet life»

Chocolate delight

This is a valuable massage technique that is performed using a special composition based on natural chocolate. Chocolate has long been known for its amazing healing properties. The Aztecs called cocoa, the Tree of the Gods. And it’s not just that. Cocoa fruits are a real source of protein and mineral salts, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. During the session, Your body is wrapped in a layer of soft, warm, exciting chocolate mixture that can not leave anyone indifferent. As a result of this Spa treatment, there is a feeling of euphoria, joy, satisfaction and integrity, there is a deep hydration and nutrition of the skin. After it, you will be accompanied for a long time by a light trail of refined chocolate flavor.

Fruit delight

This is an exclusive massage technique based on the traditions of the island of Bali. The procedure is based on combining massage techniques using natural sources of trace elements, acids, and vitamins. The procedure is performed using a special composition based on fresh fruit, and combines the effect of massage and peeling. As a result, there is a heady feeling of freshness, lightness and renewal, the process of cell regeneration is accelerated, the skin is cleansed, moisturized, saturated with natural nutrients, becomes elastic, radiant and velvety.

Milky-honey pleasure

Honey is considered one of the most effective

active ingredients in cosmetology. Bee products have been used by doctors and cosmetologists since time immemorial. The composition of honey is similar to the composition of human blood plasma. In addition, it contains a unique combination of bioactive substances, enzymes, minerals and vitamins E, C, PP, group B. Milk, in turn, contains a high concentration of nutrients: proteins, peptides, water-soluble vitamins and other important trace elements. As a result of this Spa treatment, the skin becomes soft and silky, and due to the presence of aromatherapy effect, the overall condition is harmonized.
Indian delight

The uniqueness of this procedure is that it is based on the principles of ancient Indian treatises and human health Ayurveda. During the procedure, the body is cleansed both from the outside and from the inside. Useful substances from a specially prepared mixture of herbs, massage oil and other special ingredients, penetrating through the skin to the deeper layers, accelerate the removal of toxins, cleansing of toxins, and nutrition of the skin. After this procedure, there is a relaxation of problem areas, improving the overall condition of the body and spirit. The procedure includes a massage using a special mixture based on yogurt and herbs with the effect of scrubbing, wrapping and post-treatment care.

Spices Of The East

The charming aroma, unforgettable sensations of the master’s touch and an unusual way of applying the massage mixture creates a special charm and uniqueness of this procedure. The procedure helps to harmonize the emotional state, cleanse the body of dead cells, nourishes the skin, has an aromatherapeutic effect, calms the nervous system.

Healing mud of the Dead sea

The Dead sea mud contains a lot of magnesium, chromium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and acid. During the procedure, these components penetrate deeply into the skin and saturate it. In addition, the composition includes a mixture of massage oil and abrasive particles that cleanse, soften and moisturize the skin.

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