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Any person wants to know how to make a correction of the figure without harm to health and special efforts, because there may always be some flaw that you want to urgently eliminate. Our center for figure correction in Saint Petersburg “Esthetic Club” offers a unique opportunity not only to give your body an ideal shape and tone, but also to do it so that you get the maximum pleasure from the procedures.

What do we offer?

Our figure correction services are a whole range of various procedures aimed at fighting excess weight and restoring an ideal figure. The use of innovative techniques allows you to effectively cope with any tasks: before your eyes, excess centimeters, cellulite and unnecessary folds will disappear. To do this, our beauty salon provides the opportunity to order body correction:

1. Anti-cellulite massage. Figure correction using this technology is carried out by ensuring proper blood circulation in problem areas and improving lymph flow. Figure correction using massage involves the use of various techniques, including chiropractic, manual therapy and connective tissue massage. According to the reviews of many clients, figure correction is one of the most effective means to combat “orange peel”, but to speed up the manifestation of the first results, it is necessary to combine figure correction with other courses.

2. Personal fitness. This is a very effective correction of the figure, due to the fact that the client works on himself under the control of a personal trainer, who selects the necessary set of physical exercises aimed at eliminating excess weight and correcting the figure. The cost of personal training depends on the duration of classes, the time of day and the specifics of the course, but you can save a lot if you bring a loved one, girlfriend or friend: the course of body correction will cost you about 40% cheaper if you come together, and 50% – if you attend a class on body correction SPb three.

3. The course of balneotherapy. Our Spa offers a variety of unique treatments that will produce a stunning relaxing effect, but as for body shaping, the Vichy shower is perfect for this. As you know, water easily sharpens a stone: the same thing happens to our body. This aesthetic correction of the figure is a complex of water procedures with aroma cocktails, which will give you a lot of happy minutes. The effect of powerful jets of water allows you to eliminate the flaws of the skin of the figure as a whole, and it feels more like a pleasant 20-minute massage. Correction of the figure by the method of balneotherapy is effective when it is repeated or combined with other courses.

4. Comprehensive Spa programs for the body. This body correction system includes courses and procedures such as the Temae weight loss ceremony, silhouette modeling and lifting, as well as various wrap programs. This is a unique case when you can not only work on yourself, but also get the most out of just being in a horizontal position. The so-called method of figure correction for the lazy. Our specialists will tell you in detail about the effectiveness of certain procedures, select an individual course for you and conduct it at a professional level.

Figure correction and weight loss is not an easy task, but with the help of our specialists and the use of exclusively proven technologies, you will soon forget about problems such as excess weight or any flaws in body shapes.

You probably understand that weight loss and correction of the figure by such passive methods as wrapping or, for example, massage correction of the figure requires a lot of time and will only be noticeable with repeated procedures. However, fitness training will have a positive effect only after some time. At the same time, it is very important to what result you are aiming for, because some clients just need to visit our body correction salon several times, while others need a month’s course or even more to improve their body shape. As a matter of fact, the prices for figure correction depend on this:

· what procedures are included in your course;

· what is their frequency and duration;

* what result you want to achieve.

We will select for you a course that you will definitely be “able to afford”, but if you want, you can also make your own individual set of procedures for figure correction. SPb promotions, regularly held by us, will allow you to exercise your body at prices that are unlikely to”hit the wallet”.

Why do you need to contact us?

First, we create such conditions that any methods of correction of the figure are more like a real Paradise than usual medical and preventive procedures. The elegant interior of the salon, pleasant staff and creating a relaxing atmosphere-all this will bring you to a real delight. If, for example, a manual correction of the figure is ordered for two (newlyweds or just a couple in love), we will organize a romantic atmosphere, so that our clients feel care and comfort.

Secondly, we take care of the safety of our guests and strictly control all sanitary and hygienic standards when performing body correction procedures. Cellulite, extra pounds and unattractive folds – you will soon forget about all this, because the result will be on the face: elastic tender skin of the entire body, the absence of” orange peel ” and a rested look are guaranteed to you. Our clients are always satisfied with the service and results of the proposed methods of figure correction. The reviews are extremely positive, but we are always ready for criticism in order to continue improving the quality of our services.

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